Vision/Visual Processing Problems

Problems with Reading? 

There could be a vision reason why your child has problems with reading. 

We recommend that you investigate the following.  

Vision Check

Maybe 10% of children need reading glasses. 

The vision checks at school do not pick up all of these. 

If you have any concerns about your child’s reading, ask your optometrist for a vision check. 

If you have a Community Services Card the eye test and glasses will be paid by Enable Funding.

Foveal Eccentricity or Instability

Sometimes the light coming through the eye doesn’t hit the fovea, or “sweet spot” on the retina. 

If this happens, everything is out of focus but your child does not realise because that is all they know.

Optometrists do not normally check for this unless you ask. 

The easiest way to fix this is the Cellfield programme. 

Irlen's Syndrome

Imagine the eyes are like a video camera, and the brain is like a computer. 

Irlen is a vision disturbance caused by inefficient pathways, a bit like faulty cables between the camera and the computer. 

It is not an eye problem. Most optometrists have not been trained to work with Irlen's syndrome.

18% of the population are affected by Irlen's syndrome.

It is essential that you use a trained and licensed provider or ask your local In2Learning Provider.