The most important thing you can do is to come in for a free assessment; it’s the best FREE money you will spend, but it allows us to see if your child is on track at strategic times.

Over your child’s 13 year academic career, you will have upwards of 30 teachers telling you different things, but as parent, you are the only one constant in your child’s education. In other words you will live with the consequence of both success and failure.

We started tuition classes in Invercargill in 1993 under the name Academic Tuition, since then we have operated a number of tutorial licences and programmes constantly refining what we offer. Since 1993, in Invercargill alone we have assessed, taught and monitored the education of well over 3000 students from pre-school to Y13. We take a conservative approach, knowing that it is easier to get ahead before you get behind!

My strong belief is that we should plan for that success. Being successful is not about luck; default planning doesn’t work- we have to make it work. Call me now for a free assessment on 03 214 4181 to discuss your child’s needs.  (Allow up to 90 mins for this.)

It’s because we are serious about your child’s success that we…
  • only employ trained teachers- not high schools students. Good teaching comes down to good relationships. A skilled teacher is far more effective.
  • have 80 min lessons not just 60 mins.
  • use a variety of tutorial approaches, skills based and NZ curriculum.
  • individualized programmes based on your child’s needs; catch up, consolidation or extension.

The Results!

Our students enjoy the taste of success and home life for you as a parent is happier! Parenting is much easier when students experience success. Successful kids are happy kids, happy kids make happy homes and schools.

Our teachers enjoy their work because we see success.


Benefits of Tuition

We typically see four key benefits for our students…

  1. Success in skills, knowledge and application.
  2. Self esteem is a by-product of being successful.
  3. We reinforce successful learning habits- successful people are just people who have successful habits!
  4. By getting ahead students are less likely to experience failure.


Head Start Pre-school Classes

Pre-school Classes

Get ahead before you get behind! Some children are just ready to learn...why wait until age 5!

Alternatively, if you have concerns about your child, often an early start gives your child the confidence to succeed!

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“Learning in Leaps and Bounds.” NZ Literacy and Numeracy. Fun Factor learning.

Reading, Writing, Spelling, Maths and English. We provide individualised programmes addressing key areas using trained teachers.

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Learning to Learn

Let’s motivate students with the desire to succeed at high school and give them the tools to achieve their goals.

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NCEA Exam Plus

Our trained teachers focus on the NZ Curriculum for NCEA, plus any catch up or extension work required to get better results at school! Individualised programmes in Maths, English, Physics, and some Science subjects.

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Essay Writing

Good essay writing skills will help you in most curriculum areas.


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Speed Reading

Improving your, speed, efficiency and comprehension with reading will help with success at secondary school.


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Adult Classes

Whether it’s numeracy or literacy- we can help!

We also help adults with learning disabilities including Irlen Syndrome and dyslexia.

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Irlen Clinic

“A Piece of the Puzzle.” For reading and perceptual problems where students read with tinted lenses.

Irlen Filters may also help with light sensitivity and migraine.

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“A neuroscientific breakthrough for learning disabilities including dyslexia.”

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Our Hours

Monday to Thursday: 
1:50 to 3:10 pm 
3:40 to 5:00 pm 
7:00 to 8:20 pm 

All classes are 80 mins.
Specialist Assessments available on Fridays for Dylsexia and/or Irlen.

Call  Clayton on 03 214 4181 for a free consultation.

Tomorrow's success begins today!

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