tutoring in Cromwell

Effective, Responsive Tutoring in Cromwell

At Cromwell In2Learning, we work with students from year two to year eight, supporting their learning in English, reading, writing and Maths. We provide a positive learning environment that results in students achieving their academic goals. In turn, this has a positive impact on their confidence, attitude and self-esteem. Effective tutoring is about so much more than just teaching a child the curriculum.

Each child completes an assessment prior to starting. This allows us to target their individual learning needs, whether catch up or extension work is required. Following the assessment, each student attends the centre once or twice a week for an 80 minute session. They follow their own individual programme which has been designed to help them achieve their unique goals. The teaching ratio is 1:4, providing a relaxed, friendly and motivating learning environment. The children attending our centre are comfortable and happy, and we enable them to learn at their own rate. Progress is carefully monitored and students are regularly reassessed to ensure they have the best possible outcomes.

New concepts are taught using paper-based activities. This means that teacher interaction occurs and it makes it easy for learning steps to be discussed and gently corrected if needed. Our computer-based learning uses programmes that repeat and drill, essential for building long-term memory and fluency in remembering concepts and ideas. Our students find the programmes simple and enjoyable to use.

All the staff at In2Learning are highly qualified and experienced in their subject area. We are confident in providing a high level of supplementary education and tutoing to the students of Cromwell.

Tom Neumann is the Cromwell Centre Director, and would love to hear from you to talk about how our lessons will help your child’s education  021 02252010. Keep up with our latest news by following us on Facebook.

Manager Tom Neumann
Address Room 8
Otago Polytechnic,
Molyneux Avenue,
Cromwell 9310
Mobile 021 02252010
Email cromwell@in2learning.co.nz