Effective Tutoring in Dunedin with Experienced Local Teachers

Why is In2Learning the best education centre your child?

  1. Trained teachers are the best tutors.
  2. Variety of teaching methods: paper, hands-on, computer to maximise learning.
  3. We adapt to the child, rather than the child adapting to a programme.
  4. Dyslexia-friendly teaching.
  5. No more than 4 students per teacher for maximum individual attention.
  6. All subjects, all levels, all abilities.
  7. Calm, quiet classroom.
  8. Our goal is learning, not entertainment.
  9. We’ve been teaching here for 20 years!
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What happens now?

  1. You bring your child for a short assessment so we can assess their needs.
  2. You choose a day and time for them to attend regularly.
  3. We prepare an initial lesson that addresses any gaps in their learning.
  4. Each lesson is planned based on how your child went the previous week.
  5. Your child can ask for help with their schoolwork if they need it.

It’s more than tuition.

  1. We test for Dyslexia
  2. We test for Irlen’s syndrome (the most common barrier to learning).
  3. We offer the Cellfield treatment for Dyslexia.
  4. We may suggest that tuition waits until any underlying issues have been dealt with, so that it is more effective.
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Manager Sue Simpson
Address 9 Midland Street (opp Mitre 10)
Dunedin 9012
Phone 455 2770
Mobile 0508reading
Email dunedin@in2learning.co.nz

In2Learning Dunedin is located diagonally opposite the back door of Mega Mitre 10.  We cater for students from primary school right through to Polytech.

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