Be In2Learning and Jump Ahead

Creating SUCCESS with:

  • Teachers experienced in the NZ Curriculum
  • Teachers who understand learning differences
  • Special targeted lesson plans for each learner
  • A ratio of only 4 learners to each teacher
  • A calm, positive, and caring learning environment
  • A wide variety of learning activities and resources
  • A Free pre-entry assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses
To book your free pre-entry assessment (or discuss options)

Who Are We:


Diane Black:

An experienced local educator with a wide knowledge of teaching and learning strategies catering for all ages and abilities. Expertise in learning difficulties, ESOL and learners needing extension work.

Passionate about Maths, Literacy and ensuring learners reach their potential.


Susie Steens:

Having taught across primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors, Susie brings diverse experiences, in-depth curriculum knowledge and an understanding of the varying needs of learners. As with Diane, she is passionate about supporting learners to develop strategies and skills in Math, English, language, and literacy.

Diane and Susie share a teaching philosophy that embraces the uniqueness of each of their learners, adapting their teaching to suit individual learning styles. 

The Team:

Each of our positive, experienced educators offer many strengths, over different learning and curriculum areas. All are committed to ensuring learners develop their confidence, self-belief, and success.

We support:

  • All ages and levels of learners
  • Learners with learning difficulties
  • Learners wanting extension programmes
  • ESOL (English as a second language) learners
  • Literacy, Language, English and Maths from Years 1 to 10
  • NCEA students in English, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Session Times:

70-minute sessions beginning at:

Monday: 3:25pm, 4:50pm

Tuesday: 2:00pm, 3:25pm, and 4:50pm

Wednesday: 3:25pm, 4:50pm

Thursday: 3:25pm, 4:50pm

Friday: 3:15

Other times by arrangement, including one-on-one sessions.

To book your free pre-entry assessment (or discuss options)

DirectorDiane Black
AddressConcordia House, 17 Pyne St,
Whakatane 3120
Phone07 307 1995