Your Friendly Local Maths and Reading Tutors

Started in 2012, In2learning was created so that we could offer the best possible tuition by providing local maths and reading tutors that are qualified, trained, and using the most recent developments in education research. Most education franchises have a structured approach where the student fits into the system. At In2Learning we devise a programme that fits the child. We can teach from year 2 to year 13 and in a variety of subjects. If your child is struggling with maths, reading, writing, english, or spelling, we can help. In2Learning is a collective of education centres that use best-practice, evidence-based methods to achieve the best results for our students. All In2Learning Centre owners are experienced, trained teachers. They have worked in the NZ education system, understand the demands of NCEA, and are ideally placed to assist your child to achieve the very best results.

Trained teachers create individualised learning plans as they work alongside students. These are created to target the areas that need assistance. The tutoring uses a mix of computer, paper and hands-on resources to keep interest high and maximise the learning experience. We embed existing learning and practice existing skills to create solid foundation blocks of learning. Coupled with that, we teach new material in a way that your child understands. This two-pronged approach means our local maths and reading tutors produce excellent outcomes. The learnings are retained and provide a stable base education for the child to build on in future.

With a strong interest in learning disorders and Irlen’s syndrome, we are always looking for new methods and new research that may help your child achieve the best they can. In2Learning has the best local maths & reading tutors and a child-centric approached tailored to the needs of your child.

Contact us to arrange an assessment with your local centre.