Welcome to In2Learning. We are passionate about helping your child be the best they can be. We want to help them succeed. When you’ve tried everything and nothing else has worked, we can help. If you want primary or secondary after-school tuition, we offer both literacy and maths tutoring for all age groups.

Here at In2Learning, we have two goals:

  • To tutor your child and bring them up to the required standard.
  • To equip them with the confidence, strategies, and skills to sustain them throughout the remainder of their schooling.

We have trained qualified teachers

Teachers who have qualifications and experience are trained to understand what makes your child understand- and also to spot deficiencies in their learning. As lessons proceed, your child’s individual lesson plan will be adjusted to accommodate the changing needs.

Older students who are good at that subject are often not good tutors. If the subject came naturally to them, they may not understand when someone else is struggling with it. Also, they may not know how to deliver the information in a different way to suit the student.

The NZ schooling system and curriculum is unique. Our teachers are familiar with NCEA and the NZ schooling system so that learnings can be tailored to suit the needs of the assessments.

Our tutors are also trained to recognise learning disorders. This may mean the difference between your child having help and learning how to deal with their differences, or struggling for the rest of their lives.

Our class sizes are small

One-on-one tuition can be stressful for the student, which can affect the quality of the learning. Our class sizes of three to four children strikes a good balance. Your child receives assistance when they need it and the tutor can always see what’s going on. However, the child won’t feel pressure and has the freedom to take their time to figure things out.


Our maths and reading tutoring is tailored to your child's needs

The advantage of tuition is that it can be targeted to your child’s needs, unlike in a classroom. A good tutor will use tuition methods that work for your child, not the same way as everyone else.  A mix of learning methods are used, not computer only or paper only. Research shows that handwriting is important for brain development. Using a keyboard is no substitute for writing to maximise your child’s potential. However we recognise some children struggle with handwriting and so computer time offers them a break from concentrating on writing.

The brain loves change. Every time the learning changes from computer to paper to hands-on, it refreshes and re-engages.


We value the relationship between student and tutor

The relationship between the tutor and the student is vitally important. Not everyone gets along with everyone else. If your child does not get on with the tutor, we will offer alternatives where possible. An online tutor is not as good as a caring face-to-face tutor, who can see and understand body and facial language.