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Jackson now has more self esteem and the confidence to answer maths questions. He is enjoying his success.

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Just to say a huge thank you as Ryan, who was struggling in maths in his last years at primary, is now excelling. He is now in year 11 and has received an excellence recognition for trigonometry. His confidence and work ethic is something to be proud of.

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I have so greatly appreciated your input with my 11 year old daughter … your outstanding guidance, enthusiasm for maths and excellent strategies.

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Liam turned 13, started at high school, and missed a few weeks of school due to illness. He lost his confidence at maths, and then lost interest in school. His Mum sent him to us, and Liam was convinced he was stupid. After working together for a while, he realised he wasn’t ‘stupid’ and suddenly, he just got it. His confidence regained, he was happy back at school and is a lot happier.

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“Thanks. Emily* had told me her score last night.

She is very happy with herself and I can see progress in her as well when we sit down and do her homework.

Thanks to you and your team for all your help this year, she is getting more confident each session which is awesome to see as a parent.”

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Ben has learnt a lot of numeracy and literacy at In2Learning and is acquiring a better attitude to learning.