How Can You Help Your Child’s Education?

I am often asked, ‘How can I help my child with reading and maths?’

As a parent, you will be busy with many demands on your time. It’s hard to know how to help your child. Do you wonder if they are struggling, but aren’t sure? And if they are struggling, do you know what to do about it?

In2Learning is a good place to help find the answers. The school holidays are a good opportunity to spend some time without the pressure of school and find out what’s really going on.

If You Look After Your Child’s Physical Health, Why Not Their Educational Health?

The first visit to In2Learning is a bit like going to a doctor for a check-up. We gather information, order some tests, refer to specialists and make recommendations. Sometimes the answer is simple, and sometimes it’s not. We will help and support you either way.

First, we assess students in literacy and/ or numeracy to see how they are doing.  This is a free, no obligation service and takes up to an hour.

Then we may then suggest further tests. These may expose exactly which learning difficulties a child has, or rule some things out. Using those results, we can make recommendations for treatment.  Some problems are easy to be treated and eliminated. Others take time and effort to overcome.

Why Is It Important To Diagnose a Learning Problem?

Identifying the issue is helpful to the child, the parent and the teacher. A child may think they are ‘dumb’ because they can’t read. Once they understand they are intelligent but simple have audio processing difficulties, their attitude is different. Finding the problem helps the adults in your child’s world to find ways to beat learning difficulties that are holding them back.


So What’s The Best Way To Help Your Child’s Education?

Make time these school holidays to find out how your child is doing. If you have concerns, give us a call and arrange for an assessment. Their future success depends on it.