How To Help A Child Who Thinks Reading Is Boring

Too often, we hear students say that reading is boring. This includes many young people at polytech or university and even older adults. To a good reader, this is difficult to understand.


Do You Think Reading is Boring?

When we hear someone says that reading is boring, it almost always means that they feel like reading is hard. It takes them too much effort for anything they get out of it.  Many people do battle through something if it is really interesting to them, but so many people simply don’t read at all if they can avoid it.

The sad thing is that adults who find reading boring often have gone through the school system and not found out why reading is so difficult for them. Many haven’t been given an opportunity to get help with exams that universities and schools offer. There are many people who qualify to have a person to read their exam to them at polytech, and this is an indication that they should probably have had the same opportunity at school.

What Do You Do If Your Child Thinks Reading is Boring?

If you notice that your child finds reading difficult, you need to take action. This is especially important if your child is quiet and well-behaved in class. Teachers have many other students who are vying for their attention and the quiet children often get missed out! Every year, take time to ask the teacher if there is anything extra for your child to do.

Another option is to make contact with us here In2Learning.  Most tuition centres assess students and find out where their learning is to find a starting point for tuition. Unlike others, In2Learning also offers other testing. This  may help get to the root of the problem, with learning disabilities such as dyslexia or Irlens often going undiagnosed. Finding the problem and resolving it greatly reduces the amount of extra help that a student needs, and hopefully helps to teach them to love reading!

Call Your Local Centre To Talk About What Your Child Needs

We want to see your child when they are young rather than see them when they are older. This means we can make schooling a bit easier for them in the long term. Give your local centre a call today.