How To Instantly Improve Your Child’s Reading Abilities

Everyone is trying to pack more into their lives, wanting magical instant fixes rather than investing energy over a long time. Children are not immune, squeezing more school, hobbies, and extra-curricular activities into their week. It is becoming far too common for children to have a different activity every day after school. Mum and Dad become glorified taxi drivers, taking their child from activity to activity.

In opposition to this societal change, children who are behind with reading skills always need extra time. Their time, taking them longer to learn; their teacher’s time to advise and assist; and their parent’s time, supporting and listening to their reading each day. Unfortunately, time for everyone is now a limited resource and there is never enough.

There Is Another, Faster Way (Maybe)

The Cellfield Intervention is a breakthrough programme that allows children and adults to make significant gains in reading skills in a short period of time. It consists of ten one-hour sessions over two weeks. Testing shows an average gain of 23 months in reading ability! Almost two years of progress in only two weeks! For the time-poor or those kids that have fallen behind, this is the perfect solution.

Cellfield targets the parts of the brain that enable reading to make the brain more efficient. It doesn’t just effect reading, with significant improvements with handwriting and Maths being reported. As always, the increased ability and confidence of the child has flow-on effects with a better attitude and a more organised approach to school.

Instantly Improve Reading Skills In Their School Holidays

The school holidays are the ideal time to do a Cellfield course. With no other distractions or demands on their time, your child can focus on their reading skills. The benefits to them are huge and will allow them to start the new term far ahead of where they were before. Contact us today to talk to us about what your child needs.