Is Online Learning the Best Way to Learn?

Online learning is a new development in education. Twenty years ago, the internet and online learning did not exist. Now there are so many competing sites, all claiming they offer the best options and the best results. How do you choose? And do they actually help?

In the year 2000, only 5% of people worldwide had internet access, however now it is over 50%. Also you may remember that in 2000, dial-up was the only speed option, with incredibly slow speeds and limited availability any time someone needed to use the phone. Online learning is a recent development, only viable with increased users and faster speeds.

Is Online Leaning Good for Kids?

Every person is different. Most learners don’t just need a programme, but also someone to direct them to what’s next, and to provide feedback and motivation. Knowing that tomorrow your teacher will ask if you’ve done your fractions homework is very motivating! Highly capable students who love learning do best online learning. A programme such as  is perfect. It keeps them focussed on the curriculum but also adapts in an effort to keep them challenged. For Maths students, offers a range of challenging material that builds an appreciation and love of Maths. While it is not tied to the NCEA curriculum, it does help to develop Maths concepts.

Some Students Need Extra Encouragement

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find students that can’t cope with online learning at all. They required guidance from a real human being who will encourage and explain, and motivate them through the harder pieces of work. For best results, that person is not a parent and instead an adult who cares about the child’s outcome but does not have a highly emotional link to the child.


So What’s Best For Your Child?

Online learning can be a great tool, but not for everyone. It works best with plenty of guidance from an expert, and also broken up with other methods of learning, such as books or paper. You may know what is best for your child. If you don’t, give us a call. We offer both online and paper-based learning, so that your child can have their learning optimised for them.