NCEA Tuition for Year 11 Students NZ-Wide

Is your child struggling and do you think they need NCEA tuition? It’s understandable. Up until now, in school, the outcomes from assessments have not had long-term implications.

Suddenly, in year 11, everything changes. There are now regular assessments in every subject and the results have long-term implications. The credits gained contribute to their whole year’s results. If your child misses an assessment, or does it poorly, it matters much more than it did in previous years. Even for capable organised students, this can take some adjustment. Remember how difficult and complex being a teenager was? It’s no wonder that some could use some extra support.

Tuition Without Distraction and Interruption

In2Learning offers NCEA students a quiet, safe place to learn without interruptions and distractions. Our targeted 80-minute lessons can achieve so much. We have found that students don’t need to be taught a new topic, but instead require time spent filling in gaps in learning, underlying skills, or knowledge that may be missing.

NCEA Tuition from Trained Teachers

Our In2Learning teachers have a unique role in your child’s life. They are not family, nor are they a part of their existing school system. This means that often our teachers become a mentor for students, helping to support and guide them in a way that is accepted by the student. Our teachers understand NZ’s schooling system, and they know what is required to navigate their way through to achieve the best results possible. Our NCEA tutors are neutral, knowledgeable, interested in your child’s work, and quickly become a powerful ally.

Do you and your child want to excel? A weekly lesson helps to keep your child accountable and motivated.  If this sounds like what your teenager needs, contact your local In2Learning centre and we can chat about what your child needs.