Tutoring in Masterton

If you want tutoring in Masterton, Sally Chamberlain is the obvious choice. Over the last 50 years, Sally Chamberlain has taught thousands of children. Originally a Kip McGrath education centre, Sally has since become an independent educationalist and joined In2Learning so she can deliver optimal results for her students.

Sally started as a teacher in 1967 and still is passionate about her job. She likes to be able to motivate and inspire young people to use their talents to succeed. She uses NZ based software programmes to make learning fun and relevant for her students, as well as reward-based incentives.

Sally focuses on fixing the cause of the problem, whether it’s missed learning, a physical problem such as poor sight, or a learning disability. Once the child understands the work, they rapidly regain their confidence in their abilities. The team also can create extension work for advanced learners who need challenging beyond the standard curriculum.

Contact Sally to chat about what your child needs, or to arrange a time for an initial assessment.

Sally Chamberlain
141 Akura Rd
Masterton 5888
021 2444130