Tutoring in Napier

In2Learning has three key reasons behind their success tutoring in Napier.

We only employed trained, competent teachers. This means that all our teachers have experience in the NZ education system, knowledge of the demands of NCEA, and a wide range of techniques used to teach kids.

We use a mix of paper and computer-based learning, to create individual lesson plans for our students. This means we focus on the areas that your child needs and let them learn at their own speeds. We start our process by running an assessment on the child to see where their abilities and weaknesses are. These assessments are conducted regularly to ensure the tutoring is effective and on track.

Effective, Flexible, Responsive Tutoring in Napier

Our class sizes are intentionally small to allow lots of one-on-one time with the tutors, while at the same time allowing time on their own to work through their exercises without a tutor in constant attendance. The atmosphere is relaxed and calm, allowing children to focus without distractions. Our tutors develop an excellent rapport with the children, taking time and effort to understand the specific challenges and issues they face.

Contact Robin today to discuss what your child needs and how we can help them achieve their goals.

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