Tutoring in Wanaka

We work with students from Year 2  to Year 13 to  help them achieve their literacy, reading, writing, english, maths, science, physics, chemistry, history, german, business studies and economics academic goals. We also offer courses for adults in literacy, english as a Second Language, maths and the sciences as well as a business communication course aimed at helping small businesses.

Our positive learning environment uses a variety of learning methods. Computer-based learning gives rote repetition and drills that build long-term memories of skills and learning strategies. The students enjoy using the programmes, which are easy to use and are designed to use their existing skills. Paper-based learning is ideal for introducing new concepts as it encourages teacher interaction and building steps and understanding as they go. This use of both learning strategies is part of our best practice and one of the reasons why our tutoring is so successful.

All our staff are trained teachers who understand not only teaching, but also the education system. This gives our students the head-start they need to achieve their goals. The increase in skills and achieving their academic goals has a flow-on effect, improving the students’ attitude, confidence, and self-esteem.

Whether the student needs extension or catch-up work, they will be given an assessment during their first session with us. This allows us to identify and target their individual learning needs. Then they attend 80-minute lessons once or twice a week and follow their individualised learning programmes. Our teaching ratio is 1:4, which means we provide a relaxed yet motivating learning environment. Our students feel comfortable and happy to learn at their own rate. Progress is monitored and students are regularly reassessed to ensure they are receiving the best possible help and guidance.

Online session in most subjects are also available, for details please call us.

Our one-on-one Business Communication Course covers the following areas:

  • Defining a message to clients.
  • Planning one's writing.
  • Advice on content elements for successful communication, tone, constructing sentences, spelling and punctuation.
  • Advice on spelling-and grammar-checking software and proofing output before it goes to clients. Our one on one based hourly rate is $90+GST and we recommend 6 hours.
  • If you have any queries, please call Tom Neumann, Centre Director on 021 02252010. Follow us on Facebook for our latest news and updates!

Tom Neumann
115 Kings Drive
Wanaka 9305
021 02252010