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Reading, Writing, and Maths Tutoring That Works

Welcome to In2Learning. We are passionate about helping your child be the best they can be and help them succeed. When you’ve tried everything and nothing else has worked, we can help. If you want primary or secondary after-school tuition, we offer both literacy and maths tutoring for all age groups.

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Why your child may need tutoring

There are a number of reasons your child may need assistance.

Learning Difficulties

Every kid has different needs and some come to us with learning disorders. From Irlen's syndrome to dysgraphia to dyslexia, we can help.


Has your child fallen behind at school and is struggling to catch up? Are they struggling to understand a concept?

We can help.

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Extension work

Is your child getting bored at school? Do they excel at a subject and need something to grow their learning?

We can help!


What some of our students (and their parents) say!