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Effective & Flexible Tutoring in Winton

(formerly Kip McGrath)

Mary Haworth is the owner of the Winton In2Learning Education Centre. She has operated an after-school tuition centre since 2003 and loves seeing children and young adults reach their potential. Using a mix of techniques and strategies, Mary makes individual plans for her students, because one size does not fit all! Some paper-based and some computer-based methods are incorporated so that children learn concepts quickly, and retain older learnings too. Our strategies are responsive to the needs of the child and their changing abilities, making In2Learning the best fit for tutoring in Winton.

Whether your child has missed out on some core lessons and has fallen behind, or they need extra work to stretch and challenge them, Mary can help create the perfect plan for their learning. With an increased ability in their work, children quickly gain the confidence they need to succeed at school, which is the most important building block for future success.

What makes In2Learning different is that we have a flexible approach to our learning. While we are at the forefront of teaching advances, we follow best practice that ensures your child’s continued progress in maths, writing, reading, or essay-writing.

Mary teaches as well, so she is up to date with current NZ educational practices. She is also a trained Irlen Screener –“A Piece of the Puzzle.” For reading and perceptual problems where students read with tinted lenses. – for more information about Irlen please visit www.irlen.com

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Contact Mary to discuss the needs of your child, and arrange an initial assessment. Because tomorrow starts today.

Manager Mary Haworth
Address 182 Gt North Rd (RSA)
Phone 236 1461
Mobile 027 448 4364
Email winton@in2learning.co.nz